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  1. I'm adding all the naan ingredients into my breadmaker on the dough setting, but since you don't knead for very long, I will stop it when the dough comes together.

  2. Your cups and spoons size seem to be bigger. That oil looks a lot more than two spoons. You don’t even say if it’s teaspoon or tablespoons either.

  3. Namaste, Manjula Ben. Another lovely recipe from you. The Naans look absolutely delicious. Just a quick sawaal please, if I may… as I don't have a pizza stone, can I use a normal baking tray instead ??? If not, what else would you advise as an appropriate substitute ??? Thank you, Manjula Ben.

  4. Manjula, I love your cooking. Do you order your herbs and spices on line and can you recommend a good place to order them? I'm very inexperienced in Indian cuisine, but I adore it. As soon as I get my hands on some whole wheat flour I'm going to learn to make your roti until it's perfect. You have a much better diet then I do. Your Channa Masala is incredible, so mouthwatering! Thank you for so much. Your website 😍 is a treasure!

  5. I need to make this again. I made this a few times many years ago and it is the best bread I've had just about. Excellent recipe! Thank you! Namaste! I 🙏🥰

  6. Just made this today with my pizza stone. Came out perfect! Super soft, just like restaurant. The only thing missing was I didn't have any Nigella seed. I've tried quite a few recipes, and this has been the best by a mile. The skillet/tawa recipes I've tried always come out too dense, even when they stay soft! AND it only takes a couple of hour's, you don't need to have started two days ago!

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