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  1. some of them are burnt you have to be very careful not to over cook.. naan Khatai is nice when it has the cracks on the top from when they split when baking and are usually thicker rounder shaped not flat like cookies. Besan is optional too. I don’t use besan and they still taste lovely. I, gonna try with besan next time 👍

  2. Hello aunty thanks for recipes I tried this & my came good but problem only my khaties get flat could please tell me reason why this happened? Thanks

  3. I just made the naankhatai following your recipe….taste is very good..but it's not binded properly…not chewy actually…does it have to be chewy or I am wrong..please tell me.

  4. Aunty i have tried this recipe taste was good but batter turns out too sticky unlike yours.and on 375 degree they got cooked only in 12 min.but bit chewy aswell.please guide me

  5. Dear madam Manjula,
    You ask, "What you think of it?"  
    The ans is, you are great & your culinary skill is great & your way of teaching is great. God bless you.

  6. hi Aunty … I have tried your this delicious recipe but i have got one problem ,my nan khatais were very hard to eat , i dont know what happpens to them . what i  know that  i had a mistake that i have added a little bit more of sugar . now please tell me that is that the amount of sugar that caused this hardness or anything else , please respond me so that next time i would be more delicious .

  7. Hello aunty ! All recipes you share are just awesome, I tried this recipe, my friends and family loved it.. they liked it so much..I got appreciated. Thanks a lot 🙂

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