Nariyal Burfi (Coconut Fudge) Delicious Indian Dessert Recipe by Manjula

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  1. I incorrectly purchased coconut flower instead of coconut powder but I went ahead and followed this recipe. Barfi is little soft but it tastes wonderful! Thank you Manjula for giving us wisdom and knowledge to make COVID lockdown a leaning experience.

  2. Thank you madam for the recipe ..I tried it ,very tasty because of the carmalised sugar..but it did not harder ..what can be the reason.?

  3. Manjula, thank you very much for teaching us how to make delicious Indian food. I've been watching your videos for years, and I never would have figured out how to make a lacha paratha without watching you.

  4. Nice and yummy recipe….Manjulaji I like your style of cooking and you are giving exact measurement,exact time and exact pieces of also ,so I prefer your cooking style….

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