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“I feel like I’m eating dinner with 2 Chainz.” Subscribe to Tasty: About Tasty: The official YouTube channel of all things Tasty, the world’s …


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  1. I'm getting exited bout the dishes….

    Gurl. Food means heck there is a fire imma eat. No one isn't edited bout that. Like rie once said. "Eating is one of life's only pleasures"

  2. I LOVE everything that tasty does, but im just a little concerned of all the plastic containers that are getting used. If we could be more sustainable, that would be great fir our future

  3. The way she danced in the video with the food and dared us to find the personally cooked food in a restaurant is one of the most idiotic thing I have seen and heard on the net. I may have commented on ten videos or posts in total ….Finally something irritated me enough to comment. I guess that makes her very special. I am going to stop wasting my consciousness…

  4. I have a personal private chef. I’m not rich I’m not posh. I’m someone who works a lot and also has a family. Shopping,planning,preparation and making meals would take up to much of my time and I wouldn’t be able to have a career and a family life. Having my own chef is worth all the money it’s definitely one of my luxury’s but I would never ever give it up. Actually I take that back it’s a necessary. It’s not that I can’t cook it just that all that takes up to much of my time. I would rather spend time with my children and family then shopping and making meals.

  5. Almost nothing about the food. Just got to briefly look at the finished dishes. Just mostly and repeatedly got "I'm busy but because I have a premade meal I can eat now and it's really good". Oh, and "meal prep is actually a good, practical idea". Duh.

  6. “ Give a man a fish and he is fed for a day but teach a man how to fish and he will be fed for life” or however that saying goes 🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. Im glad that we got to watch this. The chef went through special care to provide fresh healthy ingredients, and would count macros for her clients. But most importantly what you all should take from this is that the chef cooked all 5 days worth of food in 1 day, and stored it properly. What does this mean for you? It means you have plenty of opportunity to invest in yourself on the weekends by meal prepping for yourself!

    If you cant cook now, now is the best time to learn. Save 1 day out the week to meal prep for the rest of the week (usually a weekend since most are off on sat/sun). Obviously food made fresh is even more enjoyable, but prepped food reheated properly is delicious all the same! In fact flavors can deepen in food when left overnight, but just ensure you cook food that will keep well for a week.

    For example,

    1) do not put dressings on a salad,

    2) separate the cold food from the warm food (for reheating purposes),

    3) add variety to your meals ( if you cook a lot of chicken for example, flavor it differently, pair it with different sides, add 1 day between meals with chicken like m/w/f),
    possibilities are endless, and I hope we all took from this video that we should "invest in our self" whenever we can.

  8. I understand people really investing time in enjoying and appreciating the art and the artist – what I don’t understand is the need for constantly wanting to recreate their lifestyle – be it clothing or food preferences. Nick is human – he eats food, poops, pees and does other human things – same as you and I. Eating his food or wearing his clothing brands won’t get you access to his bank accounts.

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