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  1. No, you won't miss certain guidance. There's MANY people who can act as mother or father figures, who can guide you if you feel lost. Same parents > hetero parents that hate each other but stay anyway

  2. I have two questions.
    1) Why does she call it "tostada" instead of "toast" if the video is in English?
    2) How is it a toast if there is no toast?

  3. Spaniard here.
    I'm kinda weirded by that "toast" here we use a large bread that when cut in slices it's very big and toast it in a pan/grill/toaster.
    The bread if thick enough will harden and you can put anything you want on top, also put tomatos or fresh (NOT FRIED) tomato sauce as a base for the other ingredients, don't overdo on the sauce tho or you will spill it everywhere.

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