Not your Grandma's Green Bean Casserole Recipe

This homemade green bean casserole is loaded with pan-roasted mushrooms in a tasty cream sauce and topped off with fried onions straws. Green bean …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Thanks, Chef.

    There are some interesting ideas here to mix with my existing practice. But you've blown my mind on the "bake" aspect of this…

    Really love this…. first time I've seen you on here, but you get a like and subscribe.

  2. Okay, I’d like to make this one day ahead of time. Should I wait to bake it in the oven before I serve it? Or should I go ahead and lightly bake it without the onions and then warm it up the next day?

  3. Love your recipe, but I don't know that I would want to have all that grease/lard in my dish…doesn't seem healthy…I would probably sub with olive oil or avocado oil mixed with butter and add the bacon bits…thoughts???

  4. Thanks Chef! Like you, I pride myself in an all scratch Thanksgiving. I have taken a "few" shortcuts over the years (store bought bakery cornbread and canned biscuits), but that's it. I always disliked the old GB casserole recipe, but this looks amazing!

  5. I watched your video. The videos are beautiful. Video quality is very nice but like view subscribe is very low, another is more, if you have you can be a professional youtuber. Do you want to be a professional?
    We can talk about how this can happen..

  6. This looks very tasty. I always put a little red bell pepper and water chestnuts to have that holiday red, white, and green color in the dish; It is also very Italian (flag). Thyme is so overrated, what is everybody's obsession with this herb? Just like in decorating, food should have different color, pattern, and textures. This dish checks all those boxes, thank you Chef Billy!

  7. I know he's pro chefy chef and stuff….but trim those green bean tips as well. It's just fibrous and you can't really chew it and it just gets stuck in peoples teeth. Even a normie knows that. I mean it's better than pretending to cut the tails that were obviously already cut just for a videos sake.

  8. I'll never look at this classic the same. You really took it to another level Chef Billy! Not only did I add this to my grocery list for the week but I'm excited to try the creamy sauce on a good filet mignon.

  9. My neighbor always brags on how great her green bean casserole is and it’s good. I’m going to make this recipe and blow hers out of the water. 🙂 Thank you Chef Billy Parisi
    Who ever reads this I hope you have an amazing day!

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