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  1. Idk how you guys did it. The sauce you put in the chicken came out with low portion because I try to use the spoon to measure. Then my vegetable did cook and took long time so I skip it .

  2. Hey Tasty! This is not quite Chow Mein. This is closer to Lo Mein. "Chow" means "crisp" or "fried" noodles, while "Lo" means sauced noodles. I highly suggest not marketing this as "chow" mein.

  3. Tasty: makes video using ramen noodles

    People: “omg why use ramen noodles ew so plain”

    Tasty: makes video involving you use handmade noodles

    People: “omg why make handmade noodles ugh im so lazy”

  4. Why does everyone gotta comment just to bitch? Don't like it, move on. Don't have anything useful to say for those who want to try it, move on. The very few useful comments are buried behind all the complaining and the bullshit. Pics off already 😡

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