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  1. If anyone can give me advice lol I made these and they all fell apart once I put the broth in :/ should I have added more of the breadcrumbs or what? Luckily I saved a few that I didn’t put in the broth and we ate those lol

  2. Just a reminder for me of what the measurements are in the metric system and when the recipe is doubled (I make this so often I have to come back to the recipe 🥰)

    – 450g mushrooms
    – 850g white beans
    – 2 onions
    – 2.5 C breadcrumbs (+/- 200 / 225)
    – 1 C parsley
    – 6 garlic cloves
    – 1 TBSP rosemary
    – 3 TBSP soy sauce
    – 1.2 TSP nutmeg
    – 1 TSP salt
    – 1 TSP white pepper

  3. Highly recommended cooking onion and garlic prior to adding them! When tbe meatballs cook, the onion doesnt cook throughout in the very middle so you sometimes have raw onion in the middle

  4. Just finished making this recipe. It tastes great but next time I think ill use the air fryer or oven to cook the veggie balls. They are very delicate and fall apart too easily when you try to pan fry them. The came out ok but I had to be extremely careful the whole time and it was a bit nerve racking.

  5. Hey ! Every week I test a tasty video and this week i chose that one to make for my onmivorous family. It was delicious, 10/10 for taste but I have a complain about the "meatballs" texture, they were a bit mushy so next time i make this recipe i'll add the meatballs just before serving. I highly recomment this recipe if you crave a rich, creamy and hearty vegan meal !


    Seriously, don't. Yeah, you could, but when I tried it, no matter how gently I tried to mix it at the end, the meatballs simply came apart and at the end, all I had was pasta in a muddy sauce. A fairly delicous, but definitely muddy sauce. Just make the sauce, the pasta and the meatballs in three seperate pans or pots and just plate them together at the end.

  7. they're delicious, but the sauce tastes disgusting. Just used tinned tomatoes or something instead. Also, the video uses a lot of oil but I found they worked much much better with only a tiny bit in a not-stick pan

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