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  1. It there a manual option to adjust the temperature as well, without the use of your phone? What if I just need to heat up some water, do I really need to use my phone for that too?

  2. Also would’ve been great if the Tasty apps discussed tempering chocolate. As it is mentioned quite clearly in this ridiculous video. It would be great if they were cooking techniques mentioned in the apps.

  3. Funny that the recipe for the foaming caramel chocolate dip thing that they show twice in this video is nowhere to be found on any of the Tasty apps or website

  4. This is a garbage appliance. Couldn't even boil water properly! Has terrible hot spots and cold spots. Literally a ring in the center only. Everything else is cold. The concept is good. The delivery… embarrassing. stick to what you know buzzfeed.

  5. Where's the dedicated app for the android community? I have the downloaded apps for tasty recipes. The One Top recipes for iPhone work but the probe won't work with android…that's the half, if not more, of your tasty community.

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