Ooey Gooey Butter Cake with EXTRA Goo

You will love this delicious St. Louis, Missouri native gooey butter that will become your new favorite treat. This cake is said to …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. This channel is a gem and the production is so high quality. Surprised you don’t have more subscribers but hopefully more people will discover you!

  2. Chef I love your recipes,but I had to stop watching you for awhile. I started on strict keto for my health and it is successful but I would do dirty keto if you did recipes that are low carb. I miss watching you 😞

  3. I haven’t had one bad recipe yet, and that, my friend, is a complement!!! I had done at least 10 recipes and we love them all, so much, I tell my family, “this recipe is from the smash burger guy”!! Thank you for your very informational videos, I have learned soo much!! Have a blessed day!!

  4. Oh my goodness! You are the MAN!!!
    I’ve looked for this recipe for probably 30 years…my husband worked in a local bakery as a kid and he made it. Unfortunately by the time we were married the owner of the bakery passed away, bakery long closed and no one had ever written down the recipe. I made so many variations of what I thought might be this cake but none were IT. RFamiky, friends bakers, etc gave me recipes from an Italian cake that actually reverses layers to simple cream chees based cakes to Paula Deen and many other Southern chefs & bakers. I even contacted the Food Network in their early years asking that someone demonstrate on one of the shows. Finally some 30 years later I found a recipe done by a young girl from St Louis. I watched her video many times before I attempted it myself. When I presented this version to my husband you might’ve though I’d handed him the power all numbers. It was a hit and he smiled and said “yes” this is the cake! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s the it great how a recipe can mean so much, bring back nostalgic memories and warm the heart. Such ❤️ 🤗

  5. Hello Chef Parisi, you say thank you to us when we are the ones that THANK YOU for sharing all of these wonderful recipes. This cake is right up my alley, looks good, and just can hardly wait to make it. And yes I have learned a great deal about cooking from your videos. Best Regards. Pierre

  6. OMG!!!! Yes please.
    Billy I have two questions
    1. I’m not a baker but really want to learn
    Why don’t you mix the two eggs before you put them into the blender?
    2. How’s your garden doing?
    Again I appreciate you

  7. We make this in the South as well and yes…every recipe is different! But since I stopped using box cake a few years ago, I haven't made the recipe so I'm excited for this. (Ps. Gooey Cake freezes really well too. So don't hurt yourself when you make it and gain 20 lbs, just cut into one serving sizes, wrap in wax paper, then foil.)

  8. Chef, if you ever go to Phila. Pa. try the butter cake there too. I live in a suburb of Philly and I can't get enough of the butter cake. Can't wait to make your version. Thank you for posting such delicious recipes. You are greatly appreciated.

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