Palak Paneer (2016) – Spinach Cottage Cheese Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Palaak Paneer is hands down my fav recipe alongside Tikka Masala. My husband loves it that I can make Indian food at home, because we live about an hour's drive from our favorite Indian restaurant, where he fell in love with Tikka masala. We go there for lunch everytime we go to the city, it is our special treat! I have been working on my naan, trying to make it better and better! Every time I want to make something new for him, I always go to Manjula's channel. I have been watching her for over a decade!

  2. Quite good! I only had a blender so accidentally blended the spinach too much and made a paste, but still very tasty! also used a little more spinach because after blanching the volume shrank dramatically 😮

  3. I am commenting before watching, because this was not the first recipe that popped-up when I searched for "saag paneer" recipe; in fact, it was #15 or #16, but the reason I choose to watch is because the picture looks like what I want, and I see a South Asian women is involved, so here goes… I will reply to myself after watching, and again after trying the recipe. 🍽️🤗🍽️

  4. Thank you very much for this recipe! I was having so much trouble finding a good chana saag recipe – I came across this video and just switched the paneer for chickpeas. Delicious! I will definitely try your other recipes!

  5. Dear Mrs.Manjula,

    I tried your palak paneer recipe and unfortunately I didn't like the part were the steamed spinach gets blended with ginger and green chilly. I prefer to have green or dry red chilly sauteed in oil along with ginger as the smell and taste of adding the blended ginger spoiled the curry.

    I hope this helps someone else who tried the recipe and felt the same way.


  6. Manjula, thank you for creating this video. Very easy to follow and I can't wait to make my own. Do you have any suggestions for substituting cream for those of us who cannot handle lactose?

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