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  1. Namaste Aunty! I tried this recipe which turned out amazing! I like your simple and authentic cooking! We wish you make many more such great recipes in further videos. Thank you so much for your videos!

  2. WOW….thank you this receipt it looks so simple….I love Indian food. 🌹💗 I hope to use your receipt sometime next month for my birthday. Wish me luck….🤞🏼

  3. Namaste, Manjula! I made this last night – I doubled the recipe and had everything except the hing, but was able to use a bunch of tomatoes and chili from our garden which made the puree very fresh, tasty, and hot! The sesame / cashew powder added a wonderful texture and rounded out the spicy edges. I will definitely try this again, possibly with tofu and eggplant, but the paneer (from Dana Bazaar, Rockville, MD) was perfect with the gravy. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe and I look forward to trying many more.

  4. Manjula chachi thank you for this onion and garlic free version of an all time family favourite will definitely be trying this soon! If it turns out half as good as yours looks it will become a permanent part of my menu for occassions like karwa chauth when I prefer to cook without onions and garlic.

  5. This looks absolutely delicious… but I'm confused. Is this like a soup? Because to me it looks more like a sauce. Should I add rice or potatoes or something like that? Or is it possible to eat it just the way it is prepared?

  6. This recipe looks good, but I noticed you didn't  shallow-fry the paneer separately before adding it to the gravy. I think I'll fry the paneer – I like the nutty flavor it gets when it's fried.

  7. Oh Mataji…… you know the paneer from the store is never as good as what is made with love at home…. and how can i offer store bought paneer to Krsna??

    Also i am wondering why you don't use the ghee more often?

  8. Wow thanks so much for the recipe! Me and my brother just ate it a few days ago and was wondering if there was a recipe on your channel, great timing.

  9. isnt there any need to add onion?? Can i know if the paneer gets cooked in 5 mins? I always keep it for 15 mins but it becomes hard and the flavours dont get in also?

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