Paneer Pasanda (Paneer Curry) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Aunt please do more food combination ideas, it is very helpful. I'm making jeera aloo, paneer pasanda, mushroom matar, sindhi kadi, cucumber raita, salad n roti, rice for my party!

  2. Manjula Aunty what a recipe !!! I made it once for a party and people went crazy. It was so delicious. I am making it again today for another party. Thank you aunty for this ! All your recipes are super good. Love you !

  3. Looks amazing! I am so glad I've found you again, i remember your tandoor naan video i watched like 8 years ago??! How crazy is that!
    Thank you for sharing your recipies!

  4. Dear Manjula '!
    Thank you for all the very unique and equally delicious dishes you have cooked.
    It is such a pleasure to watch your videos which are done in a very professional
    way. My daughter in law went foe a trip to India just yesterday ( Rajasthan )
    I will surprise her with one of your dishes on her arrival back home in December.
    Greetings from Ottawa

  5. I love your youtube broadcasts, it reminds me of my childhood, watching my late mother cooking with spices which were magical to a child's eyes. God bless you.

  6. I normally don't comment on videos, but I just have to thank you for posting your recipes. This one looks delicious!! I have been wanting to learn to cook Indian food but, was feeling intimidated by the long lists of ingredients. Seeing you cook in real time has made me feel confident about trying this out. πŸ™‚

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