Paneer Pulao, Vegetable Pulav, Rice with Indian Cottage Cheese Pulao

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  1. I cooked this recipe, it was very tasty. Only, I precooked the rice and just mixed it in and it was very good. My husband said- well done, you followed the recipe right. :p 😀 I didn't tell him I didn't follow the recipe we cooked this recipe two weeks in a row, it was that tasty. Thank you!

  2. Aunty could you do a video on how to make palak Channa? I recently had it and would like to make it and you do a good job explaining and showing the measurement

  3. I am a regular follower of your channel. Every dish comes out nice. I cooked panner pulao in cooker. But the panner broke and mixed with rice. Madam, what May be the reason for it. Can we use home made panner for this dish. This is the first time I failed to get nice dish. All your other dishes came out well.

  4. I lost my mother when I was very young and nobody taught me how to cook. I leaned from you first watching you tube and always used to say She is like my mother.

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