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  1. Hello Manjula Aunty….

    I like to try your recipes as they are pure vegetarian, without onion and garlic…
    but i have one question for you that you usually put cornstarch/cornflour to thicken your gravy, and i heard that it is not very healthy option to use frequently, so wanted to know the alternate for it…
    looking forward your reply…Thank you..

  2. Manjula! I only mean respect so I have to comment on that radiant glow that you've been developing over, well – at least the last three years that Ive been following your cooking lessons (Oh yes! We LOVE your recipes in this household!) Anyway, I just want to wish you and your family continued blessings and prosperity! YOU DO A WONDERFUL THING HERE AND YOU ARE GREAT AT IT!

  3. Hi, Manjula I've made several of your recipes and each one of them turned out to be really good! u give such good tips,reasons and secrets about the ingredients u put in your recipes, which make me follow ur videos everytime when ever i want to make something new in my kitchen Thanx, and may your kitchen always be blessed!

  4. hi iam a really happy by seeing video. but i have one doubt what is the thing after the cumin seeds. i too want to add this in this dish but the name is not so clear a littile bit hindi. can you say what is that thing after the cumin seeds in hindi

  5. This looks delicious I will make it soon., which bread would you redommend eating it with? Also I love your video's very much, I would just like you to go a little slower on telling the ingredients so I can get them written down without constanly rewinding. Unless you can tell me where to go and its all written out. Thankyou so much

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