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  1. Panna is great drink without preservative, Mango can be altered by lemon or lemon juice! It is a great electrolyte. Black salt or rock salt is rich in Potassium and if salt is bad for blood pressure the rock salt is good good for potassium. Scientifically whenever it is a sowery drink we need more salt so in all Indian food whenever it is sower we use rock salt so that it stays less with sodium Chloride. Will you please tell me any other benefit of roasted cumin seeds?

  2. I love your recipies Manjula Aunty! I have made tried many of them and all have been a hit, I am going to try this Aam panna as well, it looks delicious, thanks a lot and keep posting 🙂

  3. This made me cry. My grandma in India always made this (she called it chumchum lol) and it just bought a flood of memories. I miss her so so much and her chumchum 🙁

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