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  1. I love how you cook, I would love to learn all your food you are make it for my husband. I am not from India, but my husband is from India. I just want to make him so happy eating the food you cook.

  2. Manjula, every recipe I've tried has been incredible! Question??? When you cook your potatoes for the Papdi Chaat, are you adding any spices to them? If so, what spices? Thank you!

  3. hello aunty, i tried ur dosa, jalebi, green chutney and many more recipies , n all were superb. now m gonna make namak pare. i made namak pare so many times but i didn't know abt d rawa and whole wheat flour. thank u so much for sharing ur lovely recipies wid us.
    ps: especially i love watchin u n ur videos coz u resembles to my mom.

  4. Hi Manjula. I think you're adorable. Could you please publish a recipe for yoghurt mint sauce to have with samosas, pakoras, etc? I have tried to make it several times and it never comes out like the good ones from restaurants.

  5. Thank you so much Manjula Ji! You have inspired me to make EVERYTHING from scratch. I normally buy my crisps (for papdi chaat or pani puri) but you are just great! Please do not stop making these wonderful videos!

  6. @iroc31407
    you can take off the green chutney from the garnish in this recipe. most people like the sweet and salty taste. maybe if you are not one of those, take off the salt from the garnish too!

  7. This is an interesting recipe, I have never heard of this dish before seeing this video.
    My mouth is watering, Papdi Chaat looks like a wonderful mix of textures and flavorings, very exotic to a Westerner's eyes ( mine).
    It would make a very nice hor d'oeuvre.

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