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  1. I just did this and it's really really good, plus extremely easy. I just recommend not to try and get 'a bite of everything' on the fork. The potatoes and yogurt sauce really do not mix well.

  2. It looks AMAZING

    But if you served that to a Pakistani……… 'why is it so bland?'
    We would use these spices
    White pepper
    Black pepper

  3. 19 hours ago and this recipe has over 100.000 thousand views. How? Why? I donโ€™t want to belittle this channel quality (Iโ€™m fan myself) but over 100.000 for a recipe? . Wow! Congratulations! It must be the most successful cooking chanel on YouTube.

  4. I hate how short the videos are like take your time there is no rush see by the tine i finish typing this the video is over like wtf

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