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  1. I made this successfully, I'm glad to say. I used what I had 1 and 3/4 cups of strong whole wheat flour and 1/4 cup of white self-raising flour. I also added some nigella, poppy and carom seeds. Delicious. Thank you. PS. I think I'll have to buy your skillet. 🙂

  2. I really want to try some of your recipes, Manjula! Your vegetable korma sounds the best out of all the recipes I've been looking at
    Namaste, and thank you for sharing your culture's cuisine with us

  3. Manjulamasi you're amazing! With my mum in Australia, you've become like my online mum with all your reciped – you make it look so easy and your instructions are so warm and patient! Love you!

  4. Once the consistency is right I knead the dough on a flat surface by rolling it about quite fast under the flat of my hand. I find this method far easier than kneading it in a bowl. I bet Manjula's parathas are second to none though 😉

  5. Hola! I am from Mexico where we have similar type of bread in the north part of the country., known as " tortillas de Harina". I have follow your videos for some time and the I watch them the more I like them, thank you very much for sharing your expertise and your love for Indian food.

  6. thnx for nice videos.what is the difference of flour type in all types of breads" puri,roti,paratha,.."
    special flour is needed or all purpose flour is ok?

  7. Greetings Aunty Manjula from Guyana.Basically the same way we Indians do it here too.However,I would have love to eat your parathas.You keep on edifying the world of that rich Indian culture we have inherited.I can see you have a real Indian passion for cooking.I am proud to be a Guyanese Indian.Peace be on you.

  8. Thank you. I am making your chickpea, (Chana masala), curry and I will also try this bread too with it.
    Thanks again for all your uploads, very much appreciated.

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