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  1. Instead of deep frying this is a better option.. will definitely try…All your recipes are nice Manjulaji..hv been watching and cooking it regularly.. thanks for all the effort you take.

  2. Nice one 🙂 cannot wait to make it 🙂 being married to an Indian, I have already grasped a few recipes which he absolutely loves! I have however started making new ones, learnt from you, and his smile when he eats it says it all 🙂 thank you loads!

  3. Thank you so much Ms. Manjula for your recipes!  I have made many many of your dishes and several have become weekly regulars in my house.  You have a great gift of instruction and your cooking lessons are very easy to follow. Thanks again!

  4. This recipe is absolutely amazing, you're a genius, Manjula. I just made a first batch. The first one was a bit clumsy since I used spelt flour instead of wheat, and the dough was at first too sticky and too soft and the whole thing fell apart, but then from the second one onwards I found the right consistency and it came out absolutely perfect. Thanks a lot, this is going to be one of my favourite dishes from now!

  5. Looks amazing. When you start to roll the dough the way you pinch and roll it with your fingers fascinates me. I always learn something about cooking when I watch your videos. Thanks for this one and all your hard work!

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