Pasta e Fagioli Soup Recipe

No this is not the olive garden’s version of pasta e fagioli, this my friends is the real deal and much simpler in flavor and …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Question what if I soaked beans over night and followed your directions and beans are still not cooked all the way ?? I also let it simmer for two more hours .?

  2. What a fantastic video Chef Billy. Truly enjoying your amazing scratch creations. I am certainly going to try and make this soup, it looks delicious. Quick question…in looking for the ingredients, Borlotti Beans are quite difficult to find. Someone suggested 'Cranberry Beans' never heard of those either. Would you happen to know if they are one of the same, perhaps being marketed under a different name? Looking forward to your cookbook . 😉

  3. Looks great Chef although in Italy where we make it a lot we use Lardo in putting it together which the Italians love. I on the other hand would prefer your way with the lardons crispy

  4. Absolutely cannot wait to make this!👍 It's snowing again here in Montana so I was thinking about making chili on Sunday. No more chili at my house!! I'm going all the way with this new recipe! Then Chef Billy for another amazing video and another great idea.🥰😍👍

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