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  1. Manjula !
    I love your recopies very much.
    For our NewYearr's Party here in Canada I will make
    ( among many things ) The Peanut Chaana as well.
    My daughter in law returned recently from India
    and got me some beautiful gifts.
    Happy New Year Manjula !
    from Krystyna

  2. This Peanut chaat is a must for me since I am transitioning to becoming raw , since this recipe involves no cooking.Even though it's not 100% raw it's still a lot better than the American Standard Diet. I will be trying this tonight and I will let you know if my prediction is accurate then I would say WOW lol ! Thank you Manjula for sharing your recipe with us now I can share this with my family.

  3. Hi Manjula,

    Thanks for the recipe! I made this tonight, but the peanuts took a long time, so we had the chaat without the peanuts. They're still on the stove. How do you get them tender in that short amount of time you mentioned in the video?

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