Perfect Baja Fish Tacos Recipe

Bring taco Tuesday to a whole new level with this beer-battered fish taco recipe that is served up with cabbage, salsa, and …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I don't use the jalapeno in pico for spice, fresh jalepeno adds that green pepper flavor that puts it over the top. For fish tacos I also put in the same amount of mango as tomato. It just adds that little bit extra to contrast the savory flavors in the rest of the taco. Also, before I batter the fish, I toss some McCormick's taco seasoning on it. It adds an awesome flavor under the batter.

  2. We'd fight over eating the heart of a cabbage as kids. We all eat it and don't find it bitter, but crunchy and satisfying.

  3. If you want to step up that batter, add in some plain yellow mustard and a little chicken bullion. Sounds weird but it works. Straight from one of the most popular fish taco recipes from Ensenada.

  4. I made these tonight.l, but with cod cooked in parmesan garlic butter. I didn't have time to batter the fish. It was delicious and the sauce is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great recipe. Good looking tacos. In re: pico…remember that jalapeños and serranos (any pepper) aren't just for heat (although its obviously there), they also add a flavor element. For me, the totality of the flavors in a pico for example require that flavor element in addition to the heat.

  6. We are spoiled here in San Diego with fish tacos, but sometimes you just want to make your own..I like this recipe as well as a grilled fish taco receipe as well…yumm, now im hungry

  7. Made this 100% to recipe for family. Kids (in their 40s) said it was best fish tacos ever and went on to say was best meal ever. We’re all a bunch of fussy gourmets, this is huge. Hah! Just wait til I wow them with another Billy dish. Not sure which I’ll do next but love having a go-to site that inspires new dishes. Love that I can make anything Billy teaches. Billy you’ve changed this grandmother’s world! Gonna blow those kids and grandkids away. Thanks buddy. Love being your commi.

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