Perfect Overnight Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

We have a few food traditions in this family. We do some really easy chocolate peanut butter balls on Christmas eve and then we do these cinnamon rolls a ton …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Forgive me for getting personal, but you have such a nice head of hair, I suggest you capture it on camera. On a professional note, love love love your informational cooking posts! Thanks for the professional content!

  2. Hi Chef. I have leftover pumpkin puree and wanted to add some to this cinnamon roll recipe. Would it work and how much pumpkin puree would you suggest to use? Thanks

  3. I made a few mistakes with this recipe. I used THREE sticks of butter total and ended up with 8 huge, decadent rolls. In short, I will pay better attention to measurements. They were still amazing. Thank you, chef!

  4. Your video instructions are different from written instructions. It was very confusing. i.e Adding stuff to bowl at different times and then cold cut up butter but then in video its melted.??? I just had to decide to pick one way of doing it. But I appreciate your recipes and your instructions anyway.

  5. After the cinnamon rolls are baked can you freeze them for another day? I've made cinnamon rolls once before with great success. I liked to mix my cinnamon and sugar together so I could tell how much cinnamon I liked by the taste before adding on top of the dough.

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