Perfect Pan Seared Sea Scallops Recipe + Lemon Chive Butter

If you love seafood, then you will absolutely love this pan-seared sea scallops recipe that cooks in under 5 minutes. Scallops are …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. It seems so arrogant when one starts with “I’m going to TEACH you”. In actuality you’re going to SHOW the viewer how ‘you’ do it, which may or may not be the optimal method depending on various factors.

  2. It's also really important to make sure they are at room temperature because they will continue to sweat moisture out after you have dried them intitially. Especially if u took them out of the freezer prior to using them and they aren't totally defrosted and brought to room temp.!!!

  3. 2:28 Why do you use your microplane grater upside-down? Run it over the top of the lemon not the bottom. Move the grater not the lemon. Move it like a bow on a violin. The whole purpose of the shape is to hold the gratings on the tool so they don’t fall all over the place but accumulate in the tool for you to tap out with precision when you have grated the desired amount. By grating right side up, as the tool is designed to be used, you will also be able to see the surface of the lemon as you go along rather than having to constantly pause and turn it around to check that you’re still grating peel not pith. Great video otherwise. Cheers.

  4. In the French style kitchen, I was a chef in, if I caramelized the scallops like Chef Billy did in this video, it would not go out and I would get spoken to. I am not saying that Chef Billy is wrong as his recipe tastes great. Experiment with: dusting the scallops with a very light coating of flour, high heat, and watch the scallops turn color from silky white to pearl white while cooking. When they turn pearl white about half way up the scallop, flip and repeat. 90 second cook time total, if that depending on the size of the scallop. Great butter recipe :).

  5. I live in France and scallops here have large bright orange 'foot' sort of thing. It’s typically still attached if you order scallops in a restaurant but I notice that a lot of people don’t eat it.

  6. I usually finish my pan seared scallops with a splash, a dash and a squeeze (wine, butter, lemon) but most definitely will try your compound butter mixture. The lemon zest is also a nice touch. I have a great fish monger who always has beautiful dry packed sea scallops so looking forward to replicating your recipe and technique. Thanks for the great demo.

  7. Tried them earlier tonight… amazeballs! However, I couldn’t seem to get the sauce as thick and creamy as it appears in the video, was much “runnier” and the butter just seemed to melt into like what you’d see in movie theatre dispensers… any ideas on what I did wrong? They still tasted incredible. Thanks for posting! 😋

  8. He says 'you want to steam them not sear them' when he puts the scallops in the pan but the result is seared scallops.. 🤔

  9. Excellent and easy! Thanks. Can you help us with Mahi Mahi? I was in hawai and it was phenomenal. Every recipe or video talks about a lime sause? I noticed in Miami thats how they serve it. Not my favorite. I would love to know how to get that hawaii grilled Mahi Mahi experience without having to leave ND & share with friends.

  10. Excellent video. A few nots though: too much lemon juice, it totally overpowers the overall beautiful ensemble. I'd also add that scollops themselves may need o be sprinkled with dried garlic for a more sophisticated taste. Thanks again, Great vid!

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