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  1. Do these people even know how to make italian food or they think it's all just "marinara" and pasta? Adding pepperoni and cheese to something doesn't make it pizza, and you don't make lasagna with those "lasagna noodles", nor with marinara sauce. The next i expect from you people is cooking pasta on a frying pan.

  2. We used to have a grocery chain here in Canada that sold frozen pizza lasagna, it was so amazing. But then a bunch of tasteless cunts complained about it because I guess they're used to eating horse manure and the company stopped making it. I hope everyone who complained about it gets flesh eating disease of the crotch.

  3. Nope, i think you should go with a pizza or a lasagna, not a great combo, and pepperoni just has a bad flavor mix with ricotta cheese. It is on par with a baloney/bologna sandwich with orange juice to drink, just does not work.

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