Poop in my Teeth, Zombies & The Strongest Woman Alive! Behind the scenes w The Edgy Veg

I love making videos for you every Monday, and when I make videos, lots of weird and funny things happen. Check out this behind …


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  1. LOL….. too funny. Love this video. Please come support another vegan by checking out my channel where I spill my heart through my poetry. I t would mean so much to me if you came and checked it out. Bless you! 🙂

  2. My favorite vegan channel … and oooh i am subed to loads hahaha, pleaseee pleaseee! make more mexican dishes and also, I would love to know whats like your eating habbits and stuff, like I guess you don´t eat fun vegan food daily, so like more of your daily eating habbits and exercise, gigantic huggs from Mexico …. PS. I think I am turning into this crazy fan who loves your videos, but I just love the fact that you replay hahahaha

  3. The "getting jacked . . . on plants!" part made me choke on my leftover vegan Burn's Night Supper cauliflower cheese casserole.  In spite of what you may have heard, we  don't really have socialized medicine here in The States, you guys, so watching these outtakes is a serious life risk!  Can't stop enjoying them, though–they're some of my favorites.  Thanks for posting : )

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