Potato Paneer and Jalapenos Tots Recipe by Manjula, Indian Snacks

View full recipe at http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/2008/12/22/potato-paneer-tots/ Ingredients: 2 medium russet potatoes 1 cup …


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  1. I like your way of showing us, it is clear and exact, you give tips and don't rush. I feel comfortable learning. I hate way people rush through and I don't catch half of it. It is much better the way you do it!

  2. The word "Paneer" means cheese, so anything with than in the name you should watch out for. I'm not so sure a vegan cheese substitute would be very good in this particular recipe, so I don't have a suggestion for this one, but there are so many yummy vegan Indian recipes that she has, I don't think skipping just this one would be a problem. She has a really yummy looking recipe for masala french fries that you can serve as a side, or try her vegetarian curry.

  3. i'm sorry but i find thse recipes slow and boring. aunty much respect to you but it seems like forever before your done. eateastindian's recipes are much faster clearer IMO. but ur food does look tasty:)

  4. Ok I didnt have Paneer but reaaalllly wanted to try this recipe so i made it with shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese and they came out so good. I'm sure they are probably better with Paneer but i had to improvise. Thanks for this recipe my daughter (8) and i loved it.

  5. yes u can make paneer with regular whole milk and lemon, just be careful and add a very little amount of lemon. When the milk starts curling, drain it though a muslin cloth and hang for 10-15 mins so that the whole water drains. now keep this under something heavy for around half an hour to one hour. Your paneer is ready…

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