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  1. I’m half Hungarian, you did it justice, thin cucumbers in vinegar as a salad is good with it. My family just uses whole breasts.the way we make noodles is with a special tool but way u did work too

  2. Hi Billy. Please tell me how to avoid the solids settling on the bottom and burning when the chicken is cooking. I'd have to stir it every 5 minutes – not practical or worth it. How did you deal with it – I know it happened to you because I can see how fast it was boiling in your video.

  3. 100 percent Hungarian here :). Great job ! My moms secret … and of course hers is by far the best ;). She adds whipping cream to the sour cream … gives the sauce a richer flavour

  4. Just a heads up: I believe from my Hungarian best friend growing up and his mother cooking, it's pronounced chicken pop-ree-kosh. It's one of my favorites that his mother would make.

  5. It was so great to see how my favourite course inspired a pro. 😊 Greetings from Hungary.

    PS: you could try (I mean "try") to make a Chicken Paprikash Lasagne (no béchamel, I'm sure). That's one of my specialties here at home. 😏

  6. you have to turn down the heat when adding the Paprika… it will get a bitter taste if you don't. Been making this for years (wife is Hungarian). Try using Goose fat instead of that bacon grease for a real treat

  7. 8:32 It's mostly for tempering the mixture so that it doesn't precipitate out when you try to mix it in.

    You seem to have done a pretty good job, so yes, it is most likely supposed to taste exactly like it did, you just forgot to cover and mix the nokedli with the sauce.

  8. Watching and waiting for the invariable non-Hungarian crime against paprikás chicken, but it never came. I'd say this is the best non-Hungarian paprikás chicken video I've seen, better than quite a few Hungarian ones as well. Good job trying to cut the nokedli by hand. Kudos! The nokedli cutter is a better idea though. 🙂

    VERY, VERY good on the bacon fat and not olive oil or something else inappropriate.

    Few minor gripes, just from personal experience. Use better paprika. I could tell by the color that, that paprika was oxidized and not fresh. That brand is better than most non-Hungarian paprika but it doesn't compare to a good Hungarian domestic paprika. There's a top notch paprika on Amazon from Rubin that is world's better. I think, the best you can get commercially, outside of Hungary.

    The searing is good and I've done it but it's not traditional. No biggie.

    The typical pepper would be a Hungarian wax papper (zöld paprika), which isn't sweet. Bell pepper isn't a great replacement but yellow bell pepper is way better than green or red for this. So good job, but I wonder if the Cubanelle wouldn't have been closer to the Hungarian wax… idk.

    You know we like the French, but it's goose or duck fat here, not butter. Mostly, we don't toast our nokedli like the Austrians. A little goose or duck fat mixed in when it's still warm is a solid choice. Or if you must toast, use that instead of the butter.

    Not sure about the chives? Parsley is more common. Overall VERY solid.

  9. There is actually another variant of this where instead of the paprikash being a sauce over the chicken .. it is made more like a soup. It was made this way by rural farming families to make the chicken go further. You basically make a chicken soup and a metric ton of sour cream, then add in dumplings and the chicken meat used to make the soup back in. Its a heart attack in a bowl but will keep you warm 🙂 .. My kids call it "chicken fat soup" LOL

  10. Chicken paprikash is one of my all time favourites, since ever. Unfortunately sour cream is not available where I live (sri lanka), so I am using greek yoghurt instead – it still turns out delicious.

  11. My parents were Hungarian so I'm quite familiar with Magyar. I use Cuba some peppers. It gets softer and has a unique taste. Next Hungarian cooking goal….stuffed cabbage. That's a little more difficult.

  12. I grew up eating chicken paprikash ( my dad was from Hungary). Believe me, Hungarian paprika is a must. I used regular paprika once and the flavour was very disappointing.

  13. Billy, very nice. The only thing I can see that I use that you didn't is carrots. My recipe came from a Czeck "nana", and she used carrots and no tomatoes. however, you called that out about the tomatoes. Nicely done. I'll try this and see what the family prefers!

  14. I loved this video. My wife was born in Budapest. When we were dating her mother and grandmother would make this for us all the time. Her mother has since passed from cancer, but her grandmother is still well; however she doesn’t cook anymore. Its been 3 years since her mother passed and her grandmother stepped away from the kitchen, so l’ve sort of forgot about the Hungarian dishes they used to make us. Im absolutely going to surprise my wife with this dinner tomorrow! Hopefully it will bring some warm memories along with the great taste. The Nokedli was always my wife’s favourite. Thank you for the video

  15. Thank you Chef for this great looking recipe. I'm intimidated at the thought of cutting up a whole chicken but know it's something I need to learn.

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