Professional Chef Makes COLCANNON for the First Time

This creamy delicious Colcannon recipe is loaded up with braised cabbage and tossed with crispy bacon and leeks. You will only …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I did just the opposite of making it complicated and a 3 pot dish, I make it simply as a one pot dish!

    I put the sliced potatoes into a frying oan & just cover with salted water, cover & cook on low
    When they are about 1/2-3/4 cooked, I toss all the shredded cabbage on top as well as thinly sliced leeks and maybe scallions too, if I have both.
    I cover again & let the cabbage steam. When cabbage and potatoes are cooked, I drain off any remaining water , add cream, butter, salt & pepper and just mash in place with a hand potato masher! Soooo simple!
    A ton if cabbage just disappears into the potatoes and it鈥檚 so quick & easy, I make it frequently all winter

  2. Hi chef, love the recipe. We've made it twice now, the second time it was "quick and dirty" as my father would say. Instant mashed potatoes and coleslaw mix pre-cut cabbage. Still came out fantastic. Thanks for all the great recipes and techniques

  3. I have been making this for 50 yrs lol.My 1st yr helping my mom, I stood on a chair so I could see into the bowl of her big stand mixer. I forgot to tie back my waist length hair and yea, I ended up w a pixie haircut and very disappointed relatives cause my hair ruined the colcannon.

  4. Billy! I've watched soooo many of your videos, to the point I thought I had subscribed. Nope. Such a loss for me, but I am now. Thank you for your articulate, thoughtful and fun videos!

  5. I鈥檝e made this using another recipe and your recipe is by far superior to any other I鈥檝e tried. My whole family loved it. The last one was not memorable. This! This is memorable! The textures were amazing and the flavors of the scallions and leeks. So good! And you were the first chef to teach me to wash my leeks. I never knew. Thank you! I love so many of your recipes and techniques. You have taught me so much that I use in everyday cooking.

  6. 鈽橈笍馃挌馃ぉ I made your Colcannon recipe 鈥 my first time for Colcannon 鈥 and it was delicious! My husband raved and ate far too much! I did use leek & green onion exactly as in your recipe. AND, for the first time ever, my bacon bits were crunchy perfection; thanks to your video, I took my time and prepped the vegetables and cooked the bacon slowly giving it time to crisp! Yummy, comfort food and great by itself or with corned beef on the side. 馃挌馃挌馃挌馃挌

  7. I worked in a group home years ago. We cooked for the clients. One of the women I worked with made something similar, different name from a Dutch background. Great food.

  8. Here in the netherlands we call this Stampot (mulitple varients). This is something a typical dutch person would eat during the winter months atleast once a week.

  9. We always make it on Halloween with those lovely sausages u made the other day , please try champ it鈥檚 the same only with green onions instead of cabbage. There is also a recipe called bacon and cabbage but it鈥檚 made with a bacon joint. I like the leeks in there my granny would be rolling in her grave now I鈥檝e said that 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃グ馃憤

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