Professional Chef Reacts to The Bear S1E2

Check out my live reaction video to The Bear Season 1 Episode 2!


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  1. Chef, I would like to see you make a mushroom ravioli complete with a creamy sauce and maybe some chicken or other protein to go with it. I was looking at the available YouTube videos and they don't really break it down well or seem that well done. Great Fall dish idea, Thanks!

  2. We're on Season 2. My son thought it was too unrealistic. I'm a retired Chef. I told him it's more realistic than one would think. I would occasionally point out things that happened where I worked. This past weekend I was at a Bar B Q and the guy cooking, whom I enjoyed working with in another field, looked like he was a little in the weeds. I asked him if he wanted help. He said please. I answered every question he had. He said he never had so much fun! We had a restaurant (downstairs) and a catering hall (upstairs) and the hardest part was food theft from the catering part. Come in to work to find our whole wheel of parmagiano-reggiano missing. Yeah, I found it. IN NYC many of our health inspectors had no knowledge of what they were doing. The exec Chef had to go for hearings before a judge who did know what they were doing. (An example: lava cakes fresh out of the oven-got cited for not immediately refrigerating them.)

  3. we had a restaurant for 33 years, been retired for 3, but still have nightmares about being too busy, not having enough help, and hearing the printer going off nonstop. Then the health inspector came in and my son was standing just inside the kitchen eating cheese curds and this guy who we did not know was the health inspector at the time tells my kid you can't be eating there, and my kid says and who the F### are you? Bad start to a health inspection!

  4. most of my experience in the food/service which was 10+ years ago mainly was about taking orders/cleaning and i still got nightmares about loosing stuff and getting orders wrong and i usually wasn't the one handling the food/drink – major respect for those folks

  5. It's such a well done show. He trained in a kitchen in Santa Monica for the part. And you can tell, it's so true to what it's like to work in a kitchen. Haven't done so personally in 20 years and still have stress over it 😂 it's a world of it's own. I've always told my kids that everyone should work in a restaurant and in retail (or customer service) once in their lives.

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