Professional Chefs Vs Picky Eaters: Broccoli

We had two chefs compete to see who can make broccoli-haters love dishes filled with broccoli. Buy the Tasty Cookbook Today: Check us …


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  1. Chop it up fine. Add it to food you like. Pasta or Rice. Get a little bigger with the pieces. Repeat. Then one day you can eat really big pieces. No big deal.

    Raw? Not even with a gun to my head.

    Salt, pepper, oil… air fryer till a bit crispy. Taste pretty good.

  2. Chief Yadi needs to teach me to cook vegetables cause she makes them look amazing
    Im 27 years old and still wont eat vegetables till after I had surgery and a medication

  3. I only don't like avocado (it tastes like semen…), spinach (it's so metallic, like blood), and intestines (liver, stomach, kidneys, brain etc). I can eat everything else in quantities not known to man.

  4. Anyone over the age of 14 that doesn't like veggies clearly isn't living life to the fullest. Yeah you may not like 1-2 veggies but if you are seriously saying you don't like tomatoes or cucumbers you have some serious mental scars from childhood which is just sad.

  5. I knew she was Dominican since the moment she opened her mouth. She's beautiful, loud, sassy and a bit out of her mind 😂😂😂 love her 😋😋💘💘

  6. "Like vegetables" aint a grown-up thing. I Love to cook, but i HATE all vegetables except cucumber which is just water and yellow (!!!) paprica. I'd prolly vomit If i even tried this. Sorry not sorry wouldnt like it

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