Professional VEGAN Athlete DECIDES what I eat for 24 hours

Today I let my friend John Rush, a VEGAN professional athlete choose my meals for 24 hours and this is what I ate. John is a …


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  1. So real life. Two vegans – in the kitchen – talking about cooking – and food – 90% of every waking hour. Yes, to the dedicated cooking show option. Vegan thumbs up from Kelowna!

  2. Could just be the handsome Athlete in this one….but this one is one of my favorites. Also I laughed out loud everytime he said candace had a "trash mouth" because in my head I was like "fuck ya".

  3. Love oatmeal, especially from steel cut oats. My hack is to make it overnight in the fridge (Boil water and pour it into a bowl of raw oats and then just let it sit in fridge covered overnight, then microwave for ~30-60 seconds in the morning) or to make them in the Instant Pot!

  4. Add cinnamon and a dash of vanilla bean to the steel cut oat cooking process, perhaps some unsweetened coconut on top… chocolate chips needed!! And I agree that fresh fruit is always better. Awesome vlog you beautiful vegan Canadians!

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