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  1. Hello Aunty, thank u so much for ur recipes u shared all these years. You are a wonderful cook and an inspiration for me I still come back to this recipe 😊

  2. looks great and yummy but wondering by cooking so long all the nutrients will be reduced?…but am sure it has so much flavors in the dish.

  3. If one plans to use canned chicken peas what is the best way to go about the tea leaves procedure?? Am I right in thinking that pressure cooking it a little longer with tea bags/concoction would work??? Thanks Aunty!!

  4. Hello aunty ji… i made choley last week ,it was a total success!! my husband and his frndz just loved it, all thanx to u …looking forward to try ur all recipes …u r simply lovely and amazing !!!! 🙂

  5. @TheYaom mango powder n mango chutney are different. the mango powder gives a some tart/sour flavor to balance the dish I suppose. if u don't have mango powder u can use lemon juice or some tamarind for the same affect.

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