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  1. Hi Manjula! Do you think I could semi cook these in a batch the night before and then golden brown them up the following day??
    I love and have been been following your recipes for years now they are always completely delicious!!

  2. Absolutely BRILLIANT recipe, Manjula Bhen. The Samosas look mouthwatering as well as irresistible just like you have mentioned. I have always been buying the frozen variety of Punjabi Samosas from supermarkets because I have never had the courage to make them myself. I have always dreaded making the Samosa Pastry also but the way that you have shown us how to do this gives me the confidence. I look forward to trying your recipe. Thank you very much for sharing it with us. Please stay safe and God bless you.

  3. Thank you for this lovely recipe, we liked it very much. We appreciate everything you do, thank you for your time and effort to make these food recipes video tutorials for all of us. God gives you strength, Nelly

  4. Dear Manjula, thank you so much for sharing your secrets! 🙏 You are my cooking guru 😍 whenever I do recipes with your instructions (which I follow very strictly 😂) they always turn out delicious, and I couldn't cook at all before I met you 🙏🙏🌺🌺🌺

  5. I chuckled when you said the samosas being different sizes proves they are homemade ❤️

    My mom has the same philosophy with her chocolate meringue pie, the meringue always “cries” no matter which recipe she follows. Now, she doesn’t even try to prevent the “tears” because we know SHE made it.

  6. Oh my god!!!!! I found you. I have watched your videos and learned a few dishes 10 years ago. I remember your face but i forgot your name aunty. Now i found you. Thank you. I m so happy 😃 . All the paneer recipes, I learnt from you.

  7. Aunty, I found your channel coincidentally. I am from Thailand and I am interesting about India's food , your channel is very nice for thai people like me because my English language so weak and your channel help me to learn english language and at the same time your channel teach me how to cook indian's food also , thank you so much.I wish u stay healthy.

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