Rava Dosa (Crispy Indian Crepe) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Thank you so much Manjula ji for this recipe. The best Rava dosa recipe on YouTube. The perfect proportion of ingredients and the steps explained in a very easy way. My family’s favorite recipe.

  2. I have tried rava dosa from nisha madhulika's youtube and manjulas kitchen, i got best results from manjulas kitchen.. the ratios r different in both channels and tat make the different taste

  3. Thank you SO much for introducing me to so many Indian dishes, I am thrilled to see consistent recipes with proven methods. Do you happen to have a masala dosa recipe? Everything I find that's authentic calls for long fermentation processes of lentils and rice…I was wondering if this is typical.

  4. Madam can we make the batter overnight?.. because in the evening we cant eat dosas except on sundays.. i want make it in the early morning. but before making dosas in the early morning i want to know that can we make the batter last night

  5. I tried to make Rava Dosa from a box and I kind of thought the dough was too thick because being a Japanese I knew rice flour pancakes' batter had to be very thin. Of course the end result was a disaster. I will follow your recipe next time. BTW Dosa is one of my favorite Indian dish esp stuffed with curried potatoes!!

  6. Dear Manjula. I have tried to make Dosa from a mix and it totally failed. They totally stucked to the Teflon frying pan and I couldn't even scrape them off the pan. I love Dosa with potato/pea filling. Maybe next time I will use your recipe. Tonight I'm serving Samosa and veg curry over pilaf. Thanks to your for wonderful recipes.

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