Reacting to Your Assumptions About Me, My Life and Being Vegan | The Edgy Veg

Some of you are SAVAGE! I Had such an entertaining time reading & reacting to your assumptions about me! I was NOT ready for some of your CRAZY …


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  1. As a new subscriber to your channel, I appreciate this video. I’m a long time vegan, and when ordering food no matter how careful you are at explaining your order, they can mess it up.

    I’ve had beyond burgers and I’ve realised two or three bites in that this “cheese” is actually cheese. Same with pizzas. Thai is worst, when you ask if the dish has fish sauce or shrimp paste. They will confirm it doesn’t, but you can smell and taste that it does.

    When this does happen, I just eat it thinking well at least this sacrifice or suffering that the animals have faced is not going to go in vein. We can only do our best.

  2. When women say " If you don't SUPPORT ME" that scares a lot of men. We think you don't want to work and support yourself. Its NOT a mans job to pay his woman bills. =_

  3. you are so confident and pretty and sexy and smart and talented you don't even seem real in a way. I don't mean that to be mean, i'm just kind of blown away by who you are as a person.

  4. new to your channel…. love love your honesty. Thank you for being real about your mental health journey. Your energy is amazing and on a great path. I love coming into myself as an older woman~

  5. Really liked and respected you/ your videos until the whole "cats are demons" non-sense. What kind of vegan that promotes a cruelty free lifestyle would talk about innocent animals that way? You saying those things promotes negative stigmas around cats, and strays are already vulnerable to abuse. You have a lot of followers and your words have weight…maybe reconsider them before spreading such hate.

  6. I can relate to you a lot!!! hahaha I’m thinking it’s a Taurus thing. 🤘♉️ I love watching your vids!! Keep killing it!! 😆

  7. Transfiguration. You're a transfiguration TA, because you're great with turning anything you don't completely like into something you do. You also sneak away to the kitchens to try new recipes, which is where you met a curly-haired girl from Gryffindor who asked you to help her pass out S.P.E.W. badges, which you proudly wear.

  8. This Video got Me on board!
    Love your Energy and growing Self awareness.
    Plus …Y'know…#vegan.
    What You said about 'working on U b4 going into a relationship' is the most Relevant thing that most overlook.
    Keep it up!

  9. I get the feeling James wasn't all I thought he was cracked up to be… regardless, I'm glad your feeling awesome and your energy is definitely MORE confident. I'm SO happy your finding yourself on your own, its the BEST feeling!! Luv your channel!!!

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