Restaurant Style Veg Fried Rice | वेज फ़्राइड राइस | Street Style Fried Rice | Kunal Kapur Recipe

How to cook Veg Fried Rice | वेज फ़्राइड राइस चायनीज़ | Quick Recipe | Chef Kunal Kapur This is one of …


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  1. You are doing a great job for the society❤️ I was a hard core non vegetarian till I visited a farm and witnessed the horror of the dairy industry. The cow is inseminated painfully every 6 months so that calf is born. The calves are taken away immediately without a single drop of milk. The male calves are transported to the slaughterhouse to be killed on the very day. This process continues for some years till the cow is completely exhausted and later sold for meat. That’s the milk we consume. I literally had sleepless nights after watching the cows, their udders become so big they can’t even move. And they run to save their babies from going to the slaughterhouse.
    Thank you for these recepies so that people can choose compassion in their plate instead of pain.

  2. Being such an educated and experienced person how can you use non stick utensils? You're an icon an inspiration for many and people follow whatever you say and do so please stop using such products that can cause cancer

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