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  1. I remember growing up we never knew the Japanese word for this but we would always call it "summer cold noodles", which is what my grandma from japan used to tell us what it was

  2. I’m so glad that you tube has open its doors to all nationalities food. Some nations as Japanese cooking are failing to the newest generation. Hard to find cooks to share and tell it all. Thank you You Tube for opening good cooks and knowledgeable cooking

  3. My go too is the soup base, crunchy garlic chili oil, and a little bit of plum extract (it’s a bit sour and sweet! ) add water and green onion and you’re done! So good!

  4. 1. 멘쯔유, 참기름, 생강, 두반장, 물
    2. 미소, 맨쯔유, 참깨, 두유
    3. 갈은 무, 맨쯔유, 우메보시, 물
    4. 맨쯔유, 피시소스, 레몬즙, 고추가루, 물

  5. Ernest Kimoto. Can you suggest a recipe where you can use the nikogori from sakana-no-nitsuke as the sauce for hiyashi somen. My grandparents did not have much money but here in Hawaii we kids would catch fish to bring home for them and my obachan made this somen for my ojichan. Thank you.

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