Roast Bone In Leg of Lamb Recipe + Delicious Easy Garlic & Herb Marinade

Learn how to make this delicious garlic and herb marinated and roasted bone-in leg of lamb recipe that is perfect to serve up to …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Doesn't adding olive oil first prevent the meat from absorbing the flavours of a the marinade, better add the oil is good….

  2. My husband (never had lamb) doesn't like a fatty or chewy pieces of meat. I'm thinking of slow roasting (with coffee gravy) but I am afraid it will be too dry. Any suggestions? I'm thinking if I slow roast it, we can use left overs for shepherd's pie. (??)

  3. My leg is smaller and he says 15-20 min per lb., Does that include the 25 min at 425 or do you roast at 425 and then go 15-20 min per pound? I’ve never cooked leg of lamb before.

  4. اريد اعرف من اللي ترجم off the bat بعيدا عن الخفافيش !!! خخخخخخخخخ
    Off the bat means instantly or immediately

  5. Just made this and everything was perfect. Definitely make a mint sauce to eat with the lamb. Thanks for the recipe.
    I’ve always had it cooked until falling off the bone. I tried it medium rare and it I loved it more.

  6. I’m gonna cook a leg of lamb this year for Christmas for the first time. This was insightful and very mouthwatering. Thanks for the knowledge dude 👍🏾

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