Rustic Bread Recipe with Graham Wheat Using a Starter

There is nothing like baked homemade fresh bread, and this Graham Wheat Rustic Bread Recipe uses a starter to help naturally …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Great video. Isn't the total hydration supposed to include the water and the flour present in the levain? The difference is not so significant, but in your recipe it would bring the hydration up from 78% to around 80%

  2. Kudos to you for explaining baker’s percentages. You’ll never need a recipe ever again for bread once you understand it. Your loaves came out gorgeous. I’m curious how you came up with your recipes. A typical sourdough loaf calls for about 20% starter. Your recipe has 27% and yet you let your dough ferment for so long. I always do 20% starter in a dough that’s usually 75%-80% hydration, and depending on the temperature my bulk fermentation only lasts 6-7 hours.

  3. I walk every morning at 4:30am and my path leads me to the main street downtown, where I am compelled forward, at first, by the delicate and amazing smell coming from the local bakery, then, as I get closer to the shop, I pick up my speed as I am driven forward by the powerful and mesmerizing smell that clings to my olfactories . It is so mesmerizing that I don't even remember how I got that far; It's all I can do to keep walking by. The baker is already in baking his bread and muffins for the day. (He told me he starts his day in the shop at 3:00am.) We wave at each other and I continue with my walk knowing that someday I will be baking bread for myself in my kitchen and it will smell that amazing. The bread will bake while I walk and the power surge I need to get home will be coming from that same powerful and mesmerizing smell in my kitchen. I can't wait, especially now that I am collecting these recipes from you. You had me with that crispy crust that sounds so delicious. I look forward to baking this one after I have been extremely strict with my Keto way of living for 1 year. Thank you, Chef.

  4. Excellent Billy, great recipe and great tips. I think I can finally understand the % ! It's been a big confusion in my head, and after so many bread recipes & tutorials, that were never clear about it, I can finally figure it out. Thanks so much, keep on w your amazing work 👏

  5. I don't have a gluten sensitivity, but these kind of natural fermentation breads certainly can prevent the sensitivity. Looks delicious 😋!

    PS. A question? Are Graham Crackers made from Graham flour?

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