Sabudana Vada (Fried Dumpling of Potatoes and Tapioca) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. I follow all your recipes and this by far is the best. They are a big hit in all the parties. I'm a very bad cook and even for me this turns out great. Thank you so much for all your wonderful recipes. You are the best 🙂

  2. Manjulaji…just prepared the sabudana wadas for breakfast. ..awesome family just loved them sooo much….thnx a lot for sharing these receipes and making cooking very very easy…love u !!

  3. You are so sweet. A lot of times I have used your recipes and tips. For girls like us who live in this foreign land when our moms in India are sleeping and can't be reached at odd hour… you are always available. I wanna send you a big thank you and a warm hug.

  4. I really like ur recipes. I am a student living abroad away form my home country and family. I really use to miss my very own country's Indian food. Your receipe's are amazing and the way u teach is like my Mom.. softly and sweetly. Keep the good work coming by.You are the best!

  5. we have a similar dish called just potato dumplings, instead of tapioca we use flour and eggs, as a spice is used marjoram instead of cilantro and black ground pepper instead of chili. i've never tried to put lemon juice in. i have to try also that cilantro chutney

  6. Thank you so much for this! I'm an Indian student studying abroad in America, and I really regret not taking the time to watch my mother cook and learn a thing or two. Your videos have really helped me; I no longer have to go to the Indian cafe when I feel homesick!

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