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  1. 08/13/20: Good gosh, Brooke, this looks absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to try it this afternoon. I've got everything except for the fish, but I'm on my waaaayyyyy!!

  2. I’m Hispanic and I work at a poke bar and lol this is my recipe, base:brown/white rice mixed, tofu, green onion, cilantro, ponzu, sesame oil, teriyaki, guacamole, edamame, cucumber, seaweed salad, season sea weed, Sesame seeds, friend onions, furikake

  3. Lomi lomi salmon is made with cured salmon, tomato, Maui onion and green onion. It is not made with cucumber. Poke does mean cubed, but for us hawaiians, to make TRUE poke. Its hawaiian salt, inamona (ground kukui nut) ALOHA shoyu, sesame oil and ogo. That's it

  4. Filipino style poke is the best . Everyone's poke is delicious in my family . Ive already ate my wife's poke , my nanay's poke , my lola's poke . And they even taught my daughter their poke ( my daughter's poke is the most delicous tbh ) . My daughter's recipe has tahong (mussels) and pechay (chinese cabbage) in it . I always eat my wifes poke everytime after work or before going to bed , if i didnt eat her poke i would fel strange. She always told me that i am a monster when i eat her poke

  5. “It should not smell like fish”

    But it’s fish. Advice like this is why fish tastes so much better outside of America. There’s much more of a noticeable difference between different fish.

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