Salted Mint Lassi, Indian Yogurt Drink Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Thank you for this. I've been looking into Ayurveda, and the Hot Belly Diet. I'm a Pitta. Salty doesn't taste good to me. The Recipe in the book tasted horrible. I'm looking forward to using this recipe and seeing how it tastes.

  2. Just craving for salty drink this summer !! Though I don't really know about black salt … apart that its black and probably as salty as most rock salt are … Any Thought on it !

  3. I love you madame Manjula! My husband and I adore Indian meals and I am so happy I found your channel! With what else can we make Lassi, instead of using mint? I have ginger powder, not fresh ginger, can I add the powder instead? (it's not easy or mp impossible to find fresh ginger here). I must try this tonight! That is, if I find fresh mint leaves ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. this looks really good,i started cooking not long ago and been able to pick up a few things easilly because nowadays you can use the internet for tips and youtube for visual guidelines. its really nice to be able to have a chance at making some exotic and more sophisticated things because youve been nice enough to start this channel congrats and best wishes your foods are excellent

  5. It's a magic bullet, i bought mine about 5 years ago for 100 bucks and it came with like 5 different blending cups and a bunch fo different blades too, it's probably less expensive nowadays and it works miracles on your food :X

  6. Manjulaskitchen has already made Mango Lassi, just search for it on the Manjulakitchen page by clicking on the link to their channel at the top under the video and typing 'Mango Lassi' into the search.

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