Sambar (Spicy Lentil Soup) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. hello ma, nice recipes…
    I love all the recipes…. yummy… but, without onions sambhar is nice?
    ill make sabhar without onions and update my comments.. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much Manjula!!! I'm learning to make my favorite Indian dishes and I followed your recipe exactly and it can out so perfect!!!!!!! I was not raised knowing about many of the spices used in Indian cooking so it has been a challenging start, but your videos are a Godsend! Thank you so much!!! I love it!!!

  3. Auntie M, thank you very much for this recipe! You single-handedly made my wife and I LOVE south Indian food. I must admit, the first time we made your sambar, we used tamarind concentrate from Mexico, and the color/flavor was off. Once we started using tamarind from a block (we were cooking a lot of Thai food as well at the time,) it was night and day – absolutely fantastic!

    This is now one of our "go-to" meals. We eat it with your lemon rice, our own raita, and naan. Best breakfast in the world!

    Will you please make a "hotel sambar" video? I'd like to learn about this style – and anytime I mention adding aloo to your sambar recipe, my wife looks at me like I'm crazy.

    Keep the channel going, and thank you for sharing the wonderful cuisine of south India with my family.

  4. Auntie, your sambar recipe is the best on youtube, thanks for sharing. I always make it with your recipe and it always turns out to be good.

  5. Hi aunty… This looks so good and very well explained! My husband loves sambhar and this weekend I'm planning to surprise him with idli sambhar. He doesn't likes the veggies in sambhar very coarse, can I blanch the veggies first and blend them,then add them to the tempering? Will that alter the taste of sambhar?

  6. Manjula, you are a MOTHER! This taste so good I had to stop myself from going for more, otherwise I'll finish a pot of soup all by myself. I added Nigerian Chilli to it and …it burns!…I love it. So delicious. Thank you Mam, thank you so much for sharing.

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