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  1. Hello aunty. I follow your recipes in for almost every thing i make. Once i made Sadesh using your recipe and it turned out really good. The other day i tried making sandes with the same recipe except instead of using sugar i sued sugar substitue. It did not work, it did not come together, instead the dough crumbled. I tired the shuji Halwa with the substitue and it worked. Is there any particular reason that the Halwa worked and not the sandesh with the sugar substitue. Thanks for all recipes

  2. @gurnaniritu This might be abit late but maybe you haven't taken enough water out of the paneer when you put it in cheese cloth. Hope this helps even though your post is a year old 🙂

  3. Manjula aunty…don't know why but while mixing sugar my paneer dough almost got melted & so I added more paneer to it which made the consistency a little better but still it's not forming in dough form as shown in your video….plz advise on how can I handle this now ASAP…thank you…

  4. Well being a bengali never made sandesh before at home as in calcutta u get it in every lane.. howver planing to make it ths week, but I will be using vanilla essence to make it vanilla sandesh… in calcutta in normal sandesh they do not put pineapple, however it will be gud as well, I guess:)

  5. the word for pineapple in hindi is 'ananas' which is the same as that in many european (latin) languages. it couldve been brought to india via the portugese or others before the british…

  6. soy milk will curdle with nigari — what results is known as TOFU — here is your substitute for paneer — be warned, though, that you will never get a real "sandesh" taste as with milk. Other "milks" you have mentioned almond, hemp, oat ..etc will NOT break into curds and whey.

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