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  1. To meat mixture, I added a teaspoon of worstershire sauce, a cube of beef bullion, and a teaspoon of brown sugar to kill the tart from tomatoe, mixed it all up. Also seasoned the potatoes with a touch of salt and pepper. Also, needed to cook mine an extra 30 min – 40 min on top of the 90 min recommended as the potatoes weren't fully cooked through at 90 min.
    Turned out really yummy though!

  2. just put my first try in the oven and some decent amount of beef got left behind on the pan πŸ™ not much, was cooking for my man and I know the amount that was left is a spoonfull for him to eat before the rest comes out. I checked lb/grams and I actually had less beef than mentioned in the recipe. Same amount of tomatoes tho fresh, one good sized onion and I bet less green too. Maybe the size of a regular bread pan here in Finland is just smaller than in US?

  3. decided to try this one out because Tasty makes everything look so easy and fun and delicious… yeah, took me almost three hours to make this nonsense and it was absolutely DISGUSTING.

  4. Mine fell apart πŸ™ I think I maybe I should have let it cool a bit before flipping it. Tasted great, but turned out to be more of a goulash rather than a loaf. Better luck next time! Haha

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