SEITAN FRIED CHICKEN WINGS (The Ultimate Vegan Chicken recipe)

In today’s video I’m sharing the best seitan fried chicken wing recipe you will ever have. After years of testing, and now seeing …


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  1. i’m not vegan by any means but i love to cook and experiment. i’ve made this recipe in the past and have added firm tofu instead of tajini
    i find it gives it great texture! thanks for this awesome recipe 🙂

  2. is the lighter bouillon just for the color, or is a lighter one essential?? my stock im using is dark and i like the flavor of it a lot and I dont really care if my nuggets come out a little darker on the inside

  3. I doubled the recipe , it was super fun to make; however it came out abit doughy in texture. Any advice so this doesn't happen in my future making seitan. Thx

  4. I just made these , wondering if you meant onion powder for the spice because you mention in video add garlic powder but when I looked at recipe it says onion powder. So I ended up adding both spices 🙂

  5. I can totally equate with the "There's no room in this house any more for any equipment!" comment… I'm thinking of moving my husband and myself into our garage, because of all my gadgets…!

  6. I made these and they are so good and honestly so much easier to do than I thought! And so many ways to customize based on preference on flavor, size, etc… such a good recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Okay so I am German and I am genuinely asking myself why you (adressing my american fellows here) would soak those super crispy "chicken" wings with a sauce so they get all mushy? They look insane and I'll 100% try these but will most definetly skip the buffalo sauce step haha. No offence obviously <3 LOVE your recipes

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