SEITAN STEAK | Easy & Vegan Vital Wheat Gluten Steak Recipe

In today’s video I try turning seitan into this EPIC VEGAN STEAK. Can I make a realistic steak using wheat? The results might blow …


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  1. Candice it is so lovely to see your fun shining personally comming through again. I was really concerned for you there for a long time. Many bright blessing and thank you for another amazing recipe.

  2. Hello. I like your channel. This looks recipie (seitan steak) looks really good. I would like to see (since you asked) a vegan version of General Tso's chicken using seitan or something similar.

  3. Tried making another version of vegan steak before and didn't love it. That recipe was completely different than this so I will be trying this one for sure!!! Looks so delicious!

  4. Please give me the wheat free versions. Gluten is my number one digestive track killer. I want to try so many things but they have wheat. Can I get a chikn nugget wheat free

  5. Excellent recipe and video Candice and I would rather eat this than an animal expoiltion steak because unless you have gluten intolerance or coeliac disease (allergy to gluten) it's healthy. Love the video and sending love🥰💕 to Candice.

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