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  1. I am not a doctor, but I learned these things and a lot more from my ancestors and older doctors, Naturopath, etc. So I educate and help others.

    remember the first time I learned that icy cold, ice, ice cream, etc; is poison to the human bodies. Our cells can not absorb any cold nutrients.

    It was when I looked backed at my childhood and remembered that after eating or drinking something cold I would have an asthma attack.

    My younger brother NO longer have seizures after having it for year. It was a doctor who told him that cold foods and drinks were the cause of his seizures.

    Women from ages birth should avoid cold drinks and foods because they negatively affect your wombs (menstrual cycle and pregnancy)

    Some people don't even give their babies warm milk. Then they don't put socks on their feet.

    For all of you who are exposing more skin, know that the 3 body parts to catch an infect and get sick through very quick are the head, waist-navel area and the feets. It pains me to see people not wearing the proper clothing even in winter.

  2. Ingredients
    – 8 oz lychee, frozen
    – 8 oz pineapple, frozen
    – small bunch of mint, leaves only
    – sweetened condensed milk

    1. Place mint leaves in a mortar and pestle and grind until it turns into a paste. Transfer to an ice cube mold, packing it tightly. Add water until it is slightly above the mint paste then freeze.
    2. *Once mint is frozen* Use a zester to grate the pineapple and lychee. Alternate between both fruits to create layers. Grate the top with the mint cube, then drizzle the desired amount of sweetened condensed milk. Enjoy!

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